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Health Check

You already know the value of a personal health check-up, and the same holds true for your business. Perhaps a more appropriate question is “why not?” Our service provides you with an objective assessment of your business.

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Good strategy implemented poorly will always result in a poor outcome. We provide project management and execution services so you can rest assured your strategic projects get all the time and focus they need to be successful.



You’re the expert in your field, and our focus is to ensure you are performing at your best. Our services include executive coaching and leadership training for you or your management team.


We understand that small medium enterprises are currently facing difficult times due to the current covid-19 outbreak. TWO|IC is offering two free 30 minutes online business coaching sessions to help small medium enterprises get through this together. Contact us using the form bellow to get your free business coaching sessions. Also check out our SAFETYTRACE Page to stay compliant with government COVID-19 Requirements. 

Why Choose Us?

TWO|IC is founded on two key values, and these drive everything that we do; from our first meeting with you, to our communication and service, and through to our presentation and execution of actions
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The level of relationship we aspire to have with our client. Our simple views is this - the closer and more aligned we are to our clients, the better we are able to provide meaningful insights and execute recommendations, and this translates to a higher level of success for our clients. 
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The standard we hold ourselves to in all aspect of what we do. Our clients want the best, and that is what we have to be in order to add value to their business. This drives the standard for all our insights and recommendations, but also extrapolates to our internal processes, communications and presentations.
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